Design for a
Changing Climate

Water conservation, carbon sequestration,
and fire mitigation

Climate change is the biggest design challenge of our lifetimes, and no problem better illustrates the Eamesian philosophy that “eventually, everything connects.”

We’re on a path to make the Eames Ranch a fully net zero carbon and net water neutral property, which is closed-loop and resilient. Our Sustainability Master Plan outlines four aspects of our environmental impact: Energy, Water, Land Management, and Operations. Moreover, the Ranch will be a living laboratory for innovative design solutions to agriculture and conservation challenges via algae management and farming, rotational grazing, an advanced septic system, and runoff management for maximum aquifer recharging.

We have already begun implementing the strategies required to increase energy efficiency and plan to transition the Ranch to 100% renewable energy on-site. Similarly, we have identified strategies to increase water efficiency and conservation, to maximize site infiltration and reduce evapotranspiration. Our Carbon Farming Plan outlines the strategies for regenerative grazing, habitat restoration, beneficial hedgerows, and silvopasture. In the Eamesian problem-solving spirit, we will prototype, iterate, and share solutions to these challenges.