Asked Questions

How did we get here and where are we going?

Who owns and operates the Eames Ranch?

The Ranch is wholly owned and operated by a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, to be announced in the coming months in coordination with the Eames family.

What types of programming will the Ranch conduct?

The Ranch is not currently open to the public. In the future, the Ranch may seek to add a farm stand or retail sales area, so that interested members of the public can visit the property and purchase local agricultural products. The Ranch may also seek to host occasional special events for the community. Please subscribe to our email list to receive updates.

What types of agriculture does the Ranch do?

Rotational grazing of the sheep, combined with silvopasture methods, aids in the restoration of native grasses, as well as providing an amazing source of wool, which will be processed and dyed. Restoration of hedgerows and riparian habitats encourages pollinators and birds that aid in the production of vegetables, fruit, and honey. In addition, native and medicinal plants and seeds will be cultivated and shared.

What is carbon farming?

Carbon farming, according to the Marin Carbon Project, involves implementing practices that are known to improve the rate at which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and converted to plant material and soil organic matter.

How is the Ranch related to the Eames Office?

The Eames Office is a private family business, dedicated to communicating, preserving, and extending the work of Charles & Ray Eames. The Office leads all Eames product development with partners like Herman Miller and Vitra, as well as owns all intellectual property rights. No Eames furniture development or production has ever been undertaken at the Ranch.

How is the Ranch related to the Eames House?

The historic Eames House in Los Angeles, built in the late-1940s and inhabited by Charles & Ray Eames, is operated by the Eames Foundation. The Eames Ranch, was created by daughter Lucia Eames in the mid-1990swith its two buildings designed by the late William Turnbull, perhaps best known as a founding architect of Sea Ranch, one of the crown jewels of Sonoma County.

Will there be accommodations at the Ranch?

No, the only residents of the Ranch are Eames granddaughter Llisa Demetrios and her small family, who have resided on the property for more than 25 years.

What can I do to contribute to the Ranch?

The Ranch relies on charitable donations from Eames enthusiasts and those interested in sustainable agriculture, responsible land management, and water conservation. We also encourage donations to support the preservation and operation of the Eames House, and to our nonprofit agricultural and conservation partners.